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Burnt Lemon Theatre are committed to creating innovative new theatre that entertains, educates and prompts positive change.


We draw attention to narratives that have long been overlooked with the aim to inspire and empower womxn, while broadening the conversations surrounding discrimination. To best achieve our aims, we hope to reach as wide an audience as possible. However, we do not receive regular funding and so rely on the support of like minded individuals and funding sources.

We have made many achievements in our first 4 years: we’ve created 2 new shows which played at 10 venues including the New Diorama Theatre, won 4 awards and received 5 star reviews. To be frank, our success so far does not equate to what is left in the bank. 

We are ready to make the next steps as a company to share our work UK wide. But doing the maths is daunting. To fully realise our aims for 2020/21, we need to raise over £100,000.



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The Half Moon Shania. VAULT Festival. Ph

Buy tickets to our shows, bring your family, your friends and tell your neighbours! 

If you enjoy the production, tweet us with a review! Our audiences are at the heart of what we do so we'd love to hear from you. We can't wait to share what's on next!


2. Watch our shows


If  you would like to know more about our aims for 2020, with an interest in helping us achieve them with a one of donation, please contact us at


We will happily share our plans and a breakdown of costs, and of course, how we will continue to include you in our journey!


Investing in theatre can be incredibly rewarding, interesting and engaging. 


If you are interested in joining Burnt Lemon Theatre in producing electrifying new work through investment or collaboration, please do get in touch. We would be delighted to discuss further with you!

Please email to find out more!

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