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“If there is an uprising - millions of innocent people will lose their lives. Because the leaders of this - ‘Pack’ have no clue, no clue how close we are to losing everything. The Defense, the Schemes, they’re not exactly ideal - or fair - but decisions made out of desperation… well they never really were ‘decisions’ but necessity. We’re past the tipping point. Fair, well thought out decisions are a thing of the past.”


- Secretary of State for Housing & Population Mobility

It’s 2037. 18 years since the world ‘woke up’ to climate change. Anja Reyleigh, an A Level student at Gopherwood Academy, grew up with great change. As she grew taller, so did the Defense: A vast sea wall that weaves its way around what remains of the UK. It segregates the land, lining the largest rivers, and encircling counties. Designed to protect the people from persistent rising tides. 


But when the Defense fails and cracks in the system start to show, Anja abandons her exams to address the questions that really need answering.


Here Comes the Flood was commissioned by Oxford Playhouse & Magdalen College School and is due to be performed in 2021.

Creative Team 


Written by Cara Baldwin 

Composed by Hannah Benson 


Creative producer/ Dramaturg: Alexander Lui

Creative director/ Dramaturg: Eleanor Warr


Performed by drama students of Magdalen College School

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