Co-artistic directors Cara & Hannah met training together on the BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre course at East 15 Acting School. Their shared trust in gut instincts, skilled musicianship and riotous tendencies brought them together to create Burnt Lemon Theatre. The pair became a stronger three when Tanya Agarwal fuelled the flames as lead Producer.

Cara Baldwin

Co-Artistic director


Co-Artistic director

Cara is a Powerhouse of an actor, Writer and singer.

Trained on the BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre course at East 15 Acting School, when she isn't ruling the stage she can be found ruling the runway.  

Cara is the writer of 'The Half Moon Shania' AND 'TOKYO ROSE'. 

Hannah is a fearless actor, theatre maker and musician.


Whilst training on the BA Acting + Contemporary Theatre course at East 15, she would often BE found walking on walls + dive rolling over upright pianos (despite coming in at 5"2).

Hannah is the writer + director of 'PADDED' AND  director of BOTH 'The Half Moon Shania' AND 'TOKYO ROSE'.​



Tanya (aka Queen Tanya) is a freelance theatre producer that loves working with emerging companies, As well as founding her own theatre company, Hitchhiker Collective.


AS WELL AS WORKING HER LEMONY PRODUCING MAGIC, TANYA ALSO produceS for Trip Hazard, The Pretend Men, New Diorama and LIFT. 

Tanya graduated from Durham University in 2017 and Mountview in 2018.

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